Acoustic booths
acoustic booths

Impressive soundproofing

First of all, Qube acoustic booths offer acoustic separation of up to 40 decibels, which means that you can hardly hear the conversation that takes place on the other side. Let’s face it. It’s sometimes hard to get any office work done. You can hear conversations, videoconferences and meetings in the background, which can make it difficult to concentrate. It is also embarrassing to conduct your own business talks in the presence of third-party listeners.

Qube acoustic booths offer the comfort of conversation. It doesn’t matter whether it is a board meeting, team discussion or a phone call.


The perfect space for discussion – Meetings are an essential part of any project and they take place at different times. Therefore, thanks to Qube, the content of the lively discussion will stay only among the participants of the meeting.

The appropriate place for phone calls and videoconferences – The single-module Qube I booths take up little space and, above all, they guarantee privacy and silence.

Different configurations – Place matters. Choose a solution that meets your expectations. The system provides both single-person “phone booths” for offices and solutions for two or more people.

Acoustic booths – Comfort of use
See how much we managed to squeeze into one cube.

Physical comfort while using Qube acoustic booths is as important as soundproofing. That is why, Qube acoustic booths not only isolate external and internal sounds. They also ensure proper ventilation and lighting and can be operated via a wall controller. What is more, each Qube room is equipped as standard with electric systems as well as a ventilation device that provides fresh air and the proper temperature. The way Qube will be arranged is entirely up to you.






PN-EN ISO 11957:2010

High acoustic insulation


Ventilation device


Acoustic ceiling panels


Acoustic wall panels


Modular construction panels


Wall controller

Simple shapes match to any room
Ready-made acoustic systems and individual solutions

Qube is a series of acoustic booths and conference rooms. Additionally, they are light and made of modern materials.
Moreover, apart from standard solutions, their construction and design can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Qube I

Perfect for open space

One-person office phone booths are an ideal solution for companies using open office spaces.

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Qube II

Perfect for two

Convenient for a face-to-face conversation with a customer or a colleague from the office.

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Qube IV

Conference room for 4 and 6 people

The Qube IV silent room is a high-quality free-standing conference room in the office.

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Qube Custom

Create your own room

You can create a room and configure it any way you like. That is why, you will combine them with glass and full walls, selecting your preferred finishing materials and colours.

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