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Acoustic booths for the office

Qube II
Acoustic booths for the office

Acoustic booths for the office will be an excellent solution in office spaces, wherever the high noise level makes it impossible to make phone calls or conduct personal conversations with customers. Therefore, single-person telephone booths for offices or acoustic meeting booths are specially dedicated to such places. These facilities are perfectly soundproofed and therefore create the proper conditions for functioning at work.

  • A combination of single glazing and a double 100 mm full-walled plate structure.

  • 10 mm ESG

  • All-glass door 10mm ESG

  • Acoustically effective, multi-layer, acoustic insulation with a micro-perforated construction

  • Dn Tw = 25dB (corresponds to approximately 34dB)

  • A ventilation device integrated into the system ceiling.
  • Performance in the comfort mode: 80 m3 / h
  • Maximum performance up to 120 m3 / h

  • LED lamp

  • Standard: ON / OFF with presence detector
  • Option: multifunction display for lighting and ventilation control

Why should you install acoustic booths in the office?

An important aspect is the fact that the Qube II system is characterized by a dedicated space for employees and customers to conduct quiet phone calls or meetings. The modular system allows for expansion, which will make it possible to increase the capacity of the booth. That is why, it is an ideal solution even for small offices.

What distinguishes Qube Solutions acoustic booths?

Qube Solutions acoustic booths

Our acoustic booths for the office can be easily adapted to the individual needs of the customers. Firstly, thanks to the wide range of equipment and materials, the booth will become a beautiful and functional place in our office. Secondly, we offer a wide selection of colours and fabrics for finishing touches.

Certainly, a very important advantage of the booth itself is ventilation, which ensures air circulation inside the room. Moreover, each Qube booth has electrics connected inside of it.

What distinguishes Qube Solutions acoustic booths for the office?


Extended guarantee


Quick assembly


High quality


PN-EN ISO 11957:2010

High acoustic insulation

Acoustic booth for office system

Qube Solutions System

The difference between the noise level inside the booth and the noise level outside the acoustic booth is determined by the acoustic insulation parameter. As a result, we know the exact number of decibels the acoustic booth soundproofs from the office space. Therefore, the higher the difference, the better the results.

Depending on the materials selected to create the booth, the Qube system can achieve a difference in sound levels within the range from 34 to over 40 db. First of all, the low noise index helps to reduce fatigue and perception of excess stimuli. What is more, it allows to make phone calls and videoconferences easily, thus improving the comfort and efficiency of work. It is undoubtedly a huge advantage!

Adjust the acoustic booths for the office to the interior of your office

Advantages of acoustic booths for the office:

  • HIGH acoustic insulation
  • modular system – without interfering with the building structure
  • the ability to change the location
  • privacy
  • an intimate meeting place
  • effective ventilation system
  • relaxation
  • smart system
  • reduction of noise and distracting external stimuli
  • functionality

Acoustic booths are going to become functional and separate rooms in your office, and therefore they are going to work perfectly. Due to the possibility of the system expansion and modern technology, they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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High-quality execution of acoustic booths for the office

First of all, every Qube room is equipped as standard with electrics and a ventilation device that provides fresh air in comfort mode. Therefore, the way the Qube will be arranged is entirely up to you.

Apart from the high-quality material, the Qube System also provides appropriate acoustic insulation and achieves sound level differences in the range from 28 up to over 40 db. The height of this range also depends on the quality of the selected material.

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Perfect for two

Convenient for a face-to-face conversation with a customer or a colleague from the office.

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Conference room for 4 and 6 people

The Qube IV silent room is a high-quality free-standing conference room in the office.

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Qube Custom

Create your own room

You can create a room and configure it any way you like. That is why, you will combine them with glass and full walls, selecting your preferred finishing materials and colours.

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