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telephone booths for the office

Qube I
Telephone booths for the office

Qube I office telephone booths are an ideal solution for modern companies and agencies that often use open spaces in their offices. Their most important role is to reduce the noise coming from the outside by using a high level of acoustic insulation. Thanks to telephone booths, there is a place for peace and quiet in every office. Above all, for meetings, videoconferences, phone calls, and even for the relaxation of employees or customers.

  • A combination of single glazing and a double 100 mm full-walled plate structure.

  • 10 mm ESG

  • All-glass door 10mm ESG

  • Acoustically effective, multi-layer, acoustic insulation with a micro-perforated construction

  • Dn Tw = 25dB (corresponds to approximately 34dB)

  • A ventilation device integrated into the system ceiling.
  • Performance in the comfort mode: 80 m3 / h
  • Maximum performance up to 120 m3 / h

  • LED lamp

  • Standard: ON / OFF with presence detector
  • Option: multifunction display for lighting and ventilation control

Why should you install a telephone booth for the office in your office?

A place where employees can relax and focus on their task will result in better creativity and ingenuity, and thus greater efficiency. Firstly, it will reduce the excess of external stimuli. Secondly, it will provide a place for business phone calls or meetings without restrictions in the functioning of other office members.

What distinguishes Qube Solutions telephone booths?

Qube Solutions telephone booths for the office

All office telephone booths can be adapted to your individual needs. Moreover, our offer includes a wide selection of colours, fabrics, materials and equipment that will make the interior of the booths beautiful and functional at the same time. That is why, such a large range of elements will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The most commonly used materials for telephone booths are wood and plywood, high-quality fabrics and upholstery foams, as well as non-woven fabrics. Wood and plywood are sourced from sustainable cultivation, while non-woven fabric is a combination of wool and recycled cotton. What is more, each Qube room is equipped with electrics and a ventilation device as standard. Above all, thanks to the operation of silent fans, the fan provides fresh air inside the booth with the use of silent fans.

What distinguishes Qube Solutions telephone booths for the office?


Extended guarantee


Quick assembly


High quality


PN-EN ISO 11957:2010

High acoustic insulation

Telephone booth system for the office

Qube Solutions System

Our office telephone booths are characterized by compact dimensions. That is why, they are perfect for both big and small spaces.

Moreover, it is an ideal alternative to renovations and creating or allocating a special place for employees and customers to conduct quiet and peaceful conversations or to relax

Adjust telephone booths for the office to your office interior

Therefore, office telephone booths are a modern solution for open spaces full of hustle and bustle, such as offices and airports. Thanks to this, they will become an original and distinctive element in any place.

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Advantages of office phone booths:

  • HIGH acoustic insulation
  • privacy
  • an intimate meeting place
  • relaxation
  • smart system
  • reduction of noise and distracting external stimuli
  • functionality

High-quality execution of telephone booths

First of all, every Qube room is equipped as standard with electrics and a ventilation device that provides fresh air in comfort mode. Therefore, the way the Qube will be arranged is entirely up to you.

Apart from the high-quality material, the Qube System also provides appropriate acoustic insulation and achieves sound level differences in the range from 28 up to over 40 db. The height of this range also depends on the quality of the selected material.

Discover other variants of our telephone booths for the office

Qube I

Perfect for open space

One-person office phone booths are an ideal solution for companies using open office spaces.

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Qube II

Perfect for two

Convenient for a face-to-face conversation with a customer or a colleague from the office.

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Qube IV

Conference room for 4 and 6 people

The Qube IV silent room is a high-quality free-standing conference room in the office.

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Qube Custom

Create your own room

You can create a room and configure it any way you like. That is why, you will combine them with glass and full walls, selecting your preferred finishing materials and colours.

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